F-4F Phantom 37+01, first in – last out

This page is dedicated to only one aircraft; the German Air Force Phantom with serial 37+01. It was the first Phantom that was delivered to the German Air Force and made the last official landing of the Phabolous Phantom within the German Air Force on 29 June 2013 at Wittmund Air Base during the “Tag de Offenen Tur” that was organized because of the withdrawal.

The 37+01 is seen here above prior to touch down on 30 july 2008.
The same aircraft is photographed on 5 June 2009, wearing markings on the tail, celebrating 36 years of Phantom within the German Air Force.
Exactly three years later, on the 5th of June 2012, the 37+01 is photographed again, and it is seen here parked at Wittmund in the shelter area.
In take off with full AB for the last time….

The 37+01 made some nice passes and the pilot showed the belly as well. No further comment needed.
The 37+01 is depecting here in the special livery that was applied to this phantastic aircraft… The photograph was made a few minutes after the shutdown of both engines, marking the end of another era.
Some artwork that explains it all.
Ich melde mich ab! Pharewell Phenomanal Phantom!