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After five years of absence, the tenth edition of the Texel airshow was scheduled on July 28 2012. It was basically the airshow to go to in the Netherlands as the regular air show of the Royal Netherlands Air Force was cancelled due to budget cuts. Although photography is a challenge at Texel, because of the fact that you are facing the sun all day, some nice images could be made. Unique is that a lot of the visitors for the airshow arrive by (private)  planes in the morning. The airshow started in the afternoon with a mixed variety of aircraft and helicopters. Although being a civil airshow, some military participants were present on the ground but also in the air. Texel has a grass runway and is therefore not suitable for all kind of aircraft that participated in the airshow. Some displays were flown from Leeuwarden Air Base or de Kooy. A few participants departed from their own homebase outside the Netherlands to make some flybys.


The Czech Air Force was present with two helicopters, a Mi-24V still wearing a special black blue Tiger livery and this Mi-35 with serial 3361. This helicopter is seen here wearing the special markings of the Tiger Meet which was held in France in 2011.
Another military helicopter was this Belgian A109BA with serial H24. Special markings are applied on the helicopter, celebrating 20 years of operating A109 within the Belgian defence and accumulating 100.000 flight hours and was therefore the helicopter for the 2012 airshow season. The Belgians are obviously inspired by the displays from the Royal Netherlands Air Force AH-64D Demo Team in the past, which resulted in the use of flares during their demo.


It became noisy when the Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 Demo and the Hunter arrived for their displays. F-16AM, J-015, is seen here during a nice banking pass showing the orange lion. A Lockheed C-130J-30 from the United States Air Force in Europe (USAFE) is seen here during on of the few passes. This Hercules is operated by 37th Airlift Squadron which is based at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany.


Dornier Do-228-212LM, with serial 57+04, from the German Navy was present on the static and is seen here in take off. This Do-228-212LM is equipped with special equipment for pollution control missions. The large markings on both sides of the fuselage leave no doubt about this. They can execute their missions at any time, day or night. The 57+04 is based at Nordholz and operated by MFG 3 "Graf Zeppelin".


The Hunter that was mentioned earlier is seen here during its display. The Breitling Team is depicted here during one of the last moments of sun that day. A few warbirds participated as well. One of them was this TP-51D-25-NA Mustang named “Scat VII” with serial PH-VDF. This Mustang is based at Antwerp, Belgium. Another warbird was this Sea Fury FB.11. This particular Sea Fury was build in 1949 and is currently flying with registration F-AZXJ.


Although wearing a Hungarian registration, the Sukhoi Su-26MX (serial HA-DRP)  is based at Texel and is seen here during its display. Breitling was well represented at Texel; The Breitling Wingwalkers flew a demonstration with a two-ship formation.


All good days come to an end and the participants and visitors are heading home; The N196JR, a Pitts S-1T is seen here departing. Extra 300L, with serial D-EXIR, is seen here while making a nice bank for the photographers. A type of aircraft that you do not see that often on this website is the CF-172N. This Cessna with serial PH-EAM is seen here taking off from a grass runway while wearing a runway livery. This particular aircraft is based at Schiphol, the Netherlands. The Yak-52 that is seen here departing, arrived with three other Yaks at Texel as visitors at first. They became a gab filler during the airshow due to last minute cancellations of a few participants.


Compliments must be made to the organisation. Let’s hope that it will not take another five years before the next edition takes place!

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